SDMO, the source of energy for your comfort and safety.
SDMO, providing the energy that links mankind.

Technovision is authorized Distributor of SDMO Industries France in Pakistan. SDMO is recognised as one of the world's leading generating set manufacturers. Founded in 1966, SDMO is today the 3rd biggest player worldwide in the generating set market: a major success for this group which started out and is still based in Brest, Brittany (France).

Today, SDMO comprises three production sites, with an annual output of over 100,000 generating sets.
SDMO designs, manufactures and installs generating sets from 1 to 3300 kVA. SDMO puts its engineering expertise into practise by designing tailor-made power plants. Whatever the power needed or the purpose of the generating set, a commitment to quality is guaranteed by an ISO 9001 certification, ensuring on-time delivery and high-performance for all products.

Whether you require Emergency Power to cope with potential power cuts (Hospitals,Schools,Shopping Centres etc) or Continuous Reliable Power (Power Plants) SDMO provides you the best solution from its large range Performance Products comprising of following 03 main Categories:

  • Standard Products (Portable Power,Power Products,Rental Power,Resiential Power)

  • Complete Power Solutions (Services,Spares,Trainings)

  • Related products (Nexys,Telys,Kerys Command/Control Units)
  SDMO Industrial Diesel Generators (16KW to 3000KW)
Powerful Response..... Reliable Energy

SDMO assembles Four cycled, Reliable, Self diagnostic, Minimal emission standard Diesel Engines (John Deere, Mitsubishi, Volvo,MTU Engines used for different ranges Gen Sets) coupled with most advanced Brushless PMG Alternators.

Performance and power are the hallmarks of this standard range designed for the trade.

Responsiveness is improved by value-added services such as the X-PRESS standard stock gensets.

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SDMO Industrial Diesel Generators Download Specification Sheets

  SDMO Portable Power (2Kva to 15Kva)
Efficient,Responsive Power with Safety & Quality

SDMO manufactures wide range of portable power Gen Sets fueled by Gasoline, Diesel & Natural Gas Engines. These most reliable European standard Gen Sets are ideal for Homes, Offices, Schools & Shops applications. Wide Range of portable power gen sets with multiple options can ideally match any requirement in this range.

  Technovision maintains stock inventory of complete range of SDMO Portable Gen Sets to immediately fulfill the backup power requirements of its valued customers.  

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SDMO Residential Power
Efficient Power that is available Always

Comfort, silence and safety are the catchphrases of this home-focused range. Designed to automatically take over in the event of a power cut and ensure the uninterrupted operation of all household appliances, this range is all about comfort.

SDMO Super sound proof , Compact, Auto start Residential Gen Sets provide Uninterrupted Power to you home……when you need it.

  How you can select the ideal backup power source for your home  
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SDMO Rental Power (3Kva to 2500Kva)

Immediate Power Solutions

This range is targeted at the rental market with gensets that are both portable and quiet – two essential criteria to meet special operating conditions.ISO certified containerized and tailor made Enclosure fitted Rental Gen Sets are available in whole range to fulfill the Rental Power Supply requirements Any Time,Any Where.

The Rental Power range comprises 3 power categories:
Rental Power from 2.75 kVA to 7.5 kVA: light,compact and particularly resistant.
Rental Power from 15 kVA to 700 kVA:the heart of the Rental Power range defined by its specially designed, high-performance, and user-friendly modular
Rental Power from 715 to 2,500 kVA: independent

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  SDMO……Global Power Solutions, Regardless of the Power Required  

As high tech products, generating sets and power plants demand a very efficient and reactive after-sales customer support service. "The interactivity of SDMO's Services department optimises the performance of installations and guarantees safety for all involved."
The smooth running of our power plants relies on the technical support team, which oversees the implementation of complex installations and acts as an interface for all questions concerning maintenance of SDMO generating set installations. SDMO draws its reactivity from its subsidiaries, liaising offices and its network of agents to ascertain a local service for SDMO clients around the world.


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