Operate Diesel Engine on Natural Gas          -       Save Your Money, Protect Environment
Technovision, Sole Distributor of Altronic Controls Inc GTI Division USA in Pakistan, is the Pioneer to offer solution for day by day increasing prices of Diesel Power Generation by introducing Dual Fuel System and have successfully converted more then 100MW Hight Speed Diesel and Heavy Fuel Engines to Dual Fuel in Pakistan till now.

Dual Fuel System is the most advanced developments in Power Generation Field resulting in more than 40% saving of Fuel Cost. The System operates by blending Diesel Fuel & Natural Gas in Combustion Chamber. Dual Fuel System can be retrofitted to any Diesel Engine. Converted Diesel Engine operates at 60-70% Natural Gas & 30-40% Diesel Fuel in Dual Fuel mode and switches automatically to 100% Diesel Fuel in case of Gas interruption or any other problem with Dual Fuel System
Bi-Fuel System
Original Inventors of Dual Fuel System in 1986.
As much as 1000 MW Gen Sets converted worldwide.
More than 200,000 Running Hours in Dual Fuel Mode.
Offered as factory retrofit option by world renown OEM Packagers.
Applicable to Slow/Medium/High speed engines
  Dual Fuel = Diesel Like Performance  
Operating Temperatures   Stability  
Load Acceptance   Efficiency  
Durability   Reliability  
  Slow / Medium Speed Engines Conversion  
Altronic Dual Fuel System is also successfully applied to slow/medium speed engines worldwide. More than 50MW slow speed engines are converted in Pakistan using this technology. Specially designed system for slow/medium speed engines optimises performance at varying loads through Dynamic Gas Control & protects engine against excessive Knock, Vibrations, Exhaust Temperatures,Manifold Temperatures / Pressures, Gas Leakages etc.
  Dual Fuel System......The Best Alternative  
Save more than 40% Fuel Cost  
Full Power, Normal Temperatures  
Convert Any Engine, Industrial or Marine  
Run Dual Fuel or 100% Diesel / Furnace Oil  
Lesser Exhaust Emissions..NOx,CO2,SOx  
Extended Oil Changes & Engine Life  
Lower Capital Costs, Fast Payback within days  
Computer Interfacing & Remote Gen Set Parameters Monitoring  
One Year Comprehensive Warranty for Services back up & Dual Fuel Components  
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Introduction to Dual Fuel Technology
Dual Fuel Operation & Installation
Reference Dual Fuel Conversion Projects in Pakistan
International Referance Projects
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